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1. The Haven Café is open to individuals over the age of 18 experiencing loneliness, isolation and low level anxiety and depression.


2. A GP / Social Worker / Other Health Professional will recommend the Haven Cafe to patients / clients who they feel could benefit from attending as part of their recovery.


3. The GP / Social Worker / Other Health Professional contacts the Haven Café and advises why the patient needs to attend and passes on their contact details to us.*


4. We phone the patient as soon as we can, to explain what we do and to invite them to the Cafe on the following Saturday.

5. An email (or letter, if preferred) and our Information Pack is then sent to the patient giving extra information and more details, if necessary, on how to reach us.

Please Note: 
Unfortunately, we are not equipped at this time to take on people who have learning difficulties

*All contact details and other information will be held securely in accordance with our Data Protection and Privacy Policies.

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