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Haven Café 

A friendly, welcoming cafe and support group for those experiencing loneliness, isolation and
low-level depression and anxiety. 
Every Saturday 1 - 3pm

1 in 4 adults...

...suffer from depression, anxiety and / or social isolation at some point in their lives. The Haven Café seeks to improve mental wellbeing by providing an opportunity for people to socialise and find acceptance and support.


Meeting weekly, every Saturday between 1pm and 3pm, we provide a light lunch and a range of optional activities with opportunities to mingle and talk.  


The Cafe is led and run by friendly, trained volunteers who are on hand to engage with you and listen to your problems.

The Haven Café offers a place for people to find acceptance and a different way of thinking, so that they can start to lead a full life. 

Welcome to Haven Cafe
Come and take a look!

Come and take a look!

This video was filmed before Covid -19 limitation measures were put in place.

Haven Café Programme

What happens?

10am - Members receive a reminder text that the Café is open that day.

1pm - The Café opens and lunch is served.

2pm - Optional Activities.

3pm - Haven Café closes.

You will benefit from:

  • Weekly support.

  • A welcoming atmosphere within an accepting and supporting environment.

  • A sense of community.

  • Light lunch and refreshments.

  • An opportunity to form friendships.

  • A range of activities, including board games and arts & crafts.

Optional Regular Activities:

  • Board Games

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Time to talk confidentially

  • Quiet area with magazines and books
    to read

  • Jigsaws

Optional Extra Activities:

  • Exercise Class, once a month

  • Occasional talks from a Doctor about items of concern to the Cafe members

A Word from Our Members

"When I first came to Haven Cafe I was a mess!  I was full of anxiety and fear. Suddenly my health deteriorated, my finances worried me.  I didn't sleep and lay awake worrying.  The people were very warm, welcoming and it was such a relief to share.  I have enjoyed meeting others who are so kind, friendly and full of suggestions."

- BI

"Haven Cafe (very aptly named) is a special place - I feel safe and amongst friends. The volunteers are willing to listen and are full of compassion. My life was not good when I started coming but it helped me get my feet back under me and I should like to volunteer to help next year."

- SI

"Coming to Haven Cafe has given me a purpose and confidence to interact with other people and not be judged."

- KE

"It is a nice sociable gathering. I love coming here and although I am quiet I enjoy being part of the conversations.  The group has helped me to express myself and connect with other people to help me.  Every week for me
is something to look forward to!"

- FT

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